2015—More NYC Whimsey

After coffee at the local Starbuck’s, we spent our last morning in NYC walking along Broadway which parallels Riverside Drive where we stayed. It was cool and overcast, quite a contrast to the lovely weather we experienced during the rest of our visit. I was amused by some of the things I saw on our stroll so I did take a few shots during our stroll.

In past years, my New York friends have referred to pigeons at flying rats. We saw very few pigeons during our visit. I would have loved to have photographed pigeons on the wrought iron fence next to this sign but I’m guessing the residents on this street have taken this admonition to heart as there were no pigeons in sight.

NYC Day 6-7200

I loved the look of this faded advertisement painted on the brick wall; parts of the old sign have been obliterated by replacement bricks.

NYC Day 6-7197

The bright fall colors caught my eye and then I noticed the spelling which amused me.

NYC Day 6-7195

We saw rats scurrying across the sidewalk as Michael walked us back to our apartment after dinner on our first night in NYC, but I was very amused that this small park, in the median strip along Broadway, marked every rat hole with a laminated photograph. I’m not sure what purpose these signs serve, whether they are there to protect the rat holes or to make them targets or to make a statement about waste in government (or something else) but it gave me chuckle.

NYC Day 6-7188

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