2015—Meanwhile, Back At Anderson’s Zoological Gardens

Saturday morning in Arizona, I photographed a bee-fly (or a fly-bee) at the butterfly bush, hummers on the willow tree and on the apple tree, and several blue dappled sagebrush lizards…all before breakfast. The rest of the day was just as eventful as I experience real monsoon weather complete with raindrops the size of water balloons, thunder and lightening loud enough to drown out the relentless screech of the cicadas, and wind gusts that almost blew the doors off the car as we exited it. We ended the day with remnants of the super moon seen through the clouds with more lightening in the distance. My photos of the super moon were not spectacular but here are a few of the creatures I saw today and one of the moon shots that reminds me of Jupiter.

Arizona Day 2-4663

Arizona Day 2-4670

Arizona Day 2-4776

Arizona Day 2-4737-Edit

Arizona Day 2-4727

Arizona Day 2-4705

Arizona Day 2-4842

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