My friend Gene Lemos, our mentor at Famous Mo’s Coffeehouse & Theater (the coffeehouse part) and president of Vaneli’s Handcrafted Coffees, also grows grapes and makes his own wine. When Gene discovered my love for Zinfandel, he presented me with a case of his own Zin. The other night, I shared a couple of bottles of it with my friends Carly and Katie who worked with us at Famous Mo’s. We all agreed it was a pretty fabulous Zin. I saved the corks.

I was experimenting with lighting and used my portable quick box soft box about 18 inches away from the subject, and my macro lens. The corks were setting on my kitchen table on a piece of black granite with a small black background propped against a lens to keep it upright. The lens was set to ISO 100, f/22, 1/60s. I took two shots, one focusing on the lettering on the bottom cork, the other focusing on the lettering on the top cork, then blended them in Photoshop.