2015—Canon Rocks!

I shoot Nikon and until Thursday, I’d never shot a Canon DSLR. When I started having issues with one of my cameras acquiring focus, Connie let me use her new Canon EOS 7D Mark II, a Canon with superb autofocus capabilities. Wow! A few bursts (and the burst mode is truly burst mode) and the roseate spoonbills finally came into focus for me. Getting a tack sharp in-flight shot was one of my goals for this trip but I didn’t expect to get it with a Canon! Does this mean I’m going to go over to the “Dark Side?” Well, not quite yet because I captured the second shot hand holding my D800 with the 80-400mm lens——not an inflight shot but a “just landed” one——so there is hope for me. But, I have to say “Thanks, Connie! Thanks Canon!” for helping me achieve my goal.


Connie Day 3-254-2

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