2014—Parallel Lines—Parallel Universe

A recent Flickr challenge was “parallel lines.” I realized a photograph I took on Saturday perfectly matched the challenge but, although I submitted it, it may not be accepted because I took it on Saturday and the topic was posted for Sunday; however, it was posted from New Zealand, so by my reasoning, at the time the topic was posted, I was simultaneously photographing Alcatraz from the Golden Gate Bridge even though it was technically the day before. We’re in a parallel universe of sorts—it’s one day here and another day there but it’s the same exact moment in time.


One thought on “2014—Parallel Lines—Parallel Universe

  1. Absolutely love this! I didn’t even see Alcatraz at first- and loved the blurry parallel lines of the bridge. And then there’s the unexpected Alcateaz image! Perfect! And a kind of abstract in a way- in a parallel universe…

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