2014—Moving Wings

I sat out on the patio Friday afternoon with my camera in my lap enjoying the delightful fall breezes and mild temperatures. I was rewarded with some in focus shots of the hummingbird actually moving its wings and not just perched on the feeder. I had to use high ISOs because the patio was in deep shade and the sun was dipping low in the sky. I took all these shots just after 4PM. And, in verifying the time I took the shots, I realized that I had, once again, neglected to turn off the Daylight Saving Time setting on both my cameras last Sunday. Reason enough to move to Arizona I guess!

I used shutter priority to take these shots starting with 1/250 and an ISO of 800. That proved too underexposed so I increased the ISO to 1000 and decreased the shutter speed to 1/125. I still had to significantly increase exposure in Lightroom ranging from one stop to two full stops. I hope one of these days I’ll be comfortable enough just to crank up that ISO and not fret about it.






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