While I was photographing the lilies that I featured in yesterday’s post in the open patio door, the hummingbird flew up to the feeder and perched to feed, seemingly unconcerned about me standing just a few feet away, inside the open doorway. The hummer was unconcerned, that is, until I retrieved my other camera with the 80-400mm lens attached. Even though I didn’t step outside, as my exit was blocked by the camera on the tripod and the vase of lilies, the little bird seemed a bit wary that I might walk outside. He spent as much time drinking from the plastic flowers as perching upright and observing my position.

As I have stated in past blog posts, I never tire of watching, photographing, and posting photos of hummingbirds. I’m sure they seem a bit redundant as I rarely seem to get them moving their wings or flying but I love to look at these little garden gems and I’m always thrilled when I get perfectly focused shots of them. And, a recent Flickr challenge was “something to sit on” and I think the perch on a plastic hummingbird feeder would qualify as such!


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