2014—Lovely Lily

The unusual orange lilies that I featured in my blog a few days ago grew more lovely before my eyes. Five days after I placed them in a vase, the overcast rainy skies made their beauty even more stunning.

I took these shots in the open doorway to get the most benefit from the light, with my camera above the bouquet, facing straight down. I set the white balance using my Expodisc and it resulted in perfect color. I wanted the flowers completely in focus so I set the aperture to f/22. Since I used my 24-70mm lens, the depth of field was deep and no focus stacking was necessary as I had to do when I used the macro lens.

Focal Length 70mm; ISO 100; f/22; 1/2s

Focal Length 70mm; ISO 100; f/22; 1.6s

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