2014—Zombie Zin

My friends Katie and Carly joined me for dinner Sunday in a Halloween themed evening during which we tried several different appropriately named wines. We had four from which to choose so we pulled numbers from a hat to pick the order of consumption. “Zombie Zin” was first up. And this is the only shot I took all evening so there is no photographic record of “Ménage à Trois Midnight,” “Apothic Dark,” or “3 Girls,” and, the Bogle Phantom didn’t get picked in the draw so that bottle awaits; Halloween, perhaps? So readers of this blog won’t get too alarmed at our wine consumption, we didn’t finish the “3 Girls” Cab and “Apothic Dark” was an already opened bottle I had on hand. We sipped the “Zombie Zin” while taking precautions against vampires with roasted garlic spread on crostini.


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