2014—Green Goblin

I took a short walk Tuesday afternoon around my neighborhood to make sure the new walking shoes I bought for my trip were comfortable and to see if I could finally get my FitBit to register 10,000 steps. I was successful on both counts; the shoes were perfectly comfortable AND, I ended up with 12,000 steps, slightly more than 6 miles, for Tuesday. I took my D800 with the fisheye lens with me just to see what neighborhood shots would look like through a fisheye.

This is the most interesting thing I encountered on my late afternoon walk. I think this is supposed be a “green goblin,” as he was hanging from a tree along with several other Halloween-themed paper lantern like globes. It’s not too scary or eerie but I thought the sun peeking over the edge made him a bit more interesting than the others and besides, I couldn’t get up close to the others without stepping on a stranger’s lawn so I kept my feet on the sidewalk.