2014—Meet Pete

This is Pete Perez who works and teaches classes at Action Camera in Roseville. When I stopped in Wednesday to have my camera sensors cleaned and to pick up a travel tripod, Pete helped me pick one out and I went home not only with clean sensors and the travel tripod but, you guessed it, a fish eye lens. This is a 10.5mm DX for my D7100 but I can use it with the D800 in DX mode.

And, oh, the travel tripod is for my upcoming, totally unexpected, trip to Spain and France with my friend Charleen. Out of the blue, Monday, she asked me, as I tread on the treadmill at the gym, if I would be interested in replacing a friend unable to go on a trip they’d had planned for a year. I thought about it briefly. By the end of my workout I had decided, yes! So, I’ll be spending the last two weeks of November in Europe. The trip starts in Barcelona where we’ll spend three nights and ends with four nights in Paris with a week long cruise up the Rhône River from Arles to Lyon in between. And could this trip be more perfect? It’s a wine cruise, we’ll be wine tasting all the way. Be still my heart.

So, with the addition of the fish eye lens to my arsenal, you might be seeing some rather interesting and unusual views of Le Tour Eiffel.


2 thoughts on “2014—Meet Pete

  1. It’s a fun lens, in your hands I know we will see some fun stuff. In Lightroom’s Lens Corrections section of the Developing Mode you can take the bulge out of the picture, by then again you probably won’t want to..

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