2014—Skewbald Beaked Ferruginous Ferrum Corvus

I took the opportunity to work on increasing my comfort level using higher ISO settings for bird and wildlife photography. I have the perfect bird species on which to practice these settings nesting in my own backyard: the rare Skewbald Beaked Ferruginous Ferrum Corvus. I upped the ISO to 800 because they were in deep shade. They are rather inept at feeding their young as this photograph shows but I’m very happy with the exposure and the resulting photograph and if there is noise in this shot, it doesn’t bother me. I have to completely rethink my approach to photography. The only modification I made to this shot was to increase the vibrance a bit. I’m anxious to try increased ISO settings on the very real and not so rare bird species that also nests somewhere in my yard, Trochilidae Calypte Anna (Anna’s hummingbird).

D800; 155mm focal length (70-200mm lens); ISO 800; f/5.6; 1/125

Day 177-22-2

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