I picked up a lovely bouquet of Star Gazer lilies the other day at Costco. Only a couple of flowers were starting to open when I bought them and they now fill my house with their lovely, intoxicating aroma. As the buds began to open, I realized that the lilies have been modified a bit; at least those buds that were open when I brought the bouquet home. Their stamens were removed to keep the orangey-yellow pollen from staining everything around them. Some of the pollen rubbed off on the petals when the stamens were removed. A recent Flickr challenge was “modified” and I think this qualifies.

I took this shot in early evening light in a north facing window. The light changed so rapidly this is the only shot I managed to get with decent lighting. I also used the Expodisc again to set my white balance and it is perfect for the scene but those few extra seconds setting the custom white balance kept me from getting more than the one shot. It’s a trade-off, I guess.

Day 170-1-2

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