The Flickr challenge from a few days ago was “swirl” and I knew I’d find something to meet the challenge if I rummaged in my box of Port A shells. I found a Common Baby’s Ear with a prominent swirl in its shell. I actually took the time to get perfect white balance using my Expodisc and then edited the photo in Perfect Effects 8 where I added a little color burn as well as a grunge filter so the delicate pink of this shell, which I so carefully exposed, transformed into a much more interesting photograph with a few tweaks and little grunge.


One thought on “2014—Swirl

  1. Love the composition and processing ! Have you watched the tutorials on the on one site for textures? You can download a bunch of free ones to add to the ones they have in their presets. I’ve done all that, but always forget to go there!

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