I’m still thinking about lines after the presentation at my camera club the other evening. This morning, I made an illegal u-turn on the way home from the gym, noticing too late to make the legal turn into Granny May’s strawberry stand which was finally open for the first time this season. I came home with a huge box of luscious ripe strawberries, the kind that are sweet and red all the way through, and three gorgeous red onions with their long green leaves still attached. My first thought was how I would photograph the long green leaves that created a long green line leading to the shiny red bulbs. But when I laid them out on the counter, what caught my eye was the intricate pattern of alternating diagonal lines created at the base of each leaf where it attached to the bulb. Out came the macro lens. After viewing them, I couldn’t decide which shot I preferred so I chose my two favorites. They are both rotated 90°. I love the sort of abstract quality that the lines give these photographs and the tiny hint of magenta on the leaves. It isn’t obvious that these are photographs of onions. The first one looks almost like green striped ribbon candy. The second is even more abstract, just lots of intersecting lines.

Day 107-9-2

Day 107-11-2

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  1. Love the top one especially!!! Would be interesting in black and white too (you know me. . .)!

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