2014—Betty Boop

At my camera club meeting Tuesday night, the judge gave a slideshow presentation about lines in photographs…not just leading lines but all kinds of lines in photographs. It gave me some ideas and I’ve been thinking about lines and looking for lines all day. I got to thinking about radial lines in flowers and my Betty Boop rose, which is in glorious full bloom right now, presented what I thought was an interesting radial line effect, both in its center and with the tinge of pink on the edges of the petals radiating out from the center.

I clipped a lovely bouquet of Betty Boop and used my macro lens to capture my version of radiating lines.

Day 106-2-3

2 thoughts on “2014—Betty Boop

  1. So a flower was hurt in the making of this photo! You better hope the flowers are people group doesn’t find out…lol

  2. Beautiful! excellent focus and clarity (as usual!). You are getting some great macro shots! Great leading lines too!

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