I spent Friday morning at Noelle’s new home in rural Loomis photographing her adorable children. Besides the children, one of the reasons I went was to photograph the baby miniature goats that Matt and Faith have as pets. Only a few weeks old, they still require bottle feeding, a chore that keeps Matt and Faith involved in the raising of these cute little creatures. They’re bonding with their new pets and Matt’s shows obvious affection for him. But, I learned I need to get my act together a little more quickly than I managed Friday. By the time I got my camera gear out, which was really only a few minutes, the kids’ (human not caprine) interest in feeding had waned a bit. I did manage to capture a few fun shots, including Matt’s goat giving him a big slurp!

Day 108 -  For Noelle-51

Day 108 -  For Noelle-73

Day 108 -  For Noelle-85

Day 108 -  For Noelle-94

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