Yesterday, I took Mady for a late afternoon walk at Mahaney Park near my gym. We strolled through the dry grass and headed for the pond overlook. I saw this great white egret fishing and stopped to take several shots. I had my D7100 and the 18-200mm lens set to shutter priority to see if I can overcome the camera shake. I took the first at 1/500 then switched to 1/320 for the next two. I think the camera did a decent job on these shots but I have to admit, I am spoiled by the super high resolution of my D800. I couldn’t crop these shots nearly as much as I can with the D800. I don’t know if it’s apparent but the egret is stalking something; I missed the actual snatch and I can’t tell what’s in its beak; the first and the third shots are barely 2 seconds apart.

Day 292-27

Day 292-40

Day 292-42

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