2013—Day 279—Hummers and D7100

I’m trying to get my life back so I can focus (pun intended) almost exclusively on photography again. This morning I am sorting through camera equipment to make sure I have everything I need for my trip with Moose Peterson to the Grand Tetons. I leave Wednesday morning. If the government doesn’t get its act together soon, Moose’s Plan B and Plan C will go into effect; I have no idea what those are but they do not include visits to Grand Teton National Park. As I recall, though, the Grand Tetons are visible from just about everywhere so I’m not worried.

This morning I noticed my favorite little hummers cavorting in the fountain so I tried out my new Nikon D7100 with the 70-200mm lens (which lens on the D7100 is effectively a 300mm lens). That lens is long and a bit unwieldy and I probably should use it with a tripod but the tripod is disassembled to see if it will fit in my suitcase (it does—phew!) so these shots of the hummers are handheld. The last shot is not at all in focus because I didn’t have the shutter speed set fast enough but I think the shadow of the hummer’s head on its wing is fascinating.

Day 279-17

Day 279-15

Day 279-13

Day 279-41

One thought on “2013—Day 279—Hummers and D7100

  1. Yay- You’re doing your hummers again! Wonderful shots- my favorite is the second one. Such beautiful clarity- and I like the pose. Interesting shot with the shadow- unique!

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