Like the last drop of Famous Blonde escaping from this handleless beer tap, I have shed more than a few tears in the past few weeks as it became agonizingly apparent that we could not continue to keep Famous Mo’s Coffeehouse & Theater open. Road construction directly in front of our establishment, planned for more than a year before we opened, but never disclosed to us either by our landlord or by the city of Rocklin when we were researching this site, has devastated our business to the point of its demise. Our last show featuring The Tribe of the Red Horse (also featured in my last blog post) was Saturday. So it is Taps for Famous Mo’s after only six months.

Day 274-57

One thought on “2013—Taps

  1. So sad. 🙁 But very cool shot- and an interesting take on “taps” in relation to Mo’s- vey clever. I love the selective focus on the water drop.

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