2013—Light Show

As I continue sorting through my fireworks shots from Fourth of July I am finding more that I can’t resist posting here. I can’t wait for my next opportunity to photograph fireworks and I hope I don’t have to wait until next Fourth of July. I learned some things that I want to work on and I would certainly use a different lens instead of my 28-300mm lens which for some unknown reason I decided to use when I should have used my 24-70mm or even my 14-24mm lens.

So, here are a few more shots that I really like. A couple remind me of palm trees, one looks like a dandelion seed pod, one reminds me of a wild-haired rock star, and one makes me think of the Big Bang.

Day 185-552

Day 185-500

Day 185-487

Day 185-522

Day 185-560

One thought on “2013—Light Show

  1. Spectacular fireworks shots! Amazing! I’ve never tried this- maybe next year. You did a wonderful job.

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