2013—By Any Other Name

Amazingly, despite the record breaking heat spell that left us sweltering with minimum 105° plus temperatures for almost a week, accompanied by unheard of humidity for our ‘but it’s a dry heat’ clime, potted Winsome, a miniature tree rose, one of my Ron Smith memorial roses, has thrived and is covered with tiny blossoms. I took several shots from slightly different angles using the tripod and my 24-70mm lens set to ISO 100, f/16, 1/5 second. After reviewing the shots, I decided to tightly crop them. These are three, slightly different shots of the same flower. The first is not in tack sharp focus, despite the fact that I used a tripod, because the welcome breeze was wafting the flowers a bit. But I like the angle of the petals in this one so I included it in this trilogy of photos.

Day 187-18

Day 187-19

Day 187-16

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