2013—Day 164—Fortnight

When I left the gym this morning, the glint of sun reflected in water drops on a fortnight lily caught my eye, espcially because my friend Honora had just sent me a collection of macro water drop photos that were awe-inspiring. This photo is not particularly awe-inspiring because I don’t have a macro lens and I didn’t have my tripod and I was battling a slight breeze that kept the flower in almost constant motion but I think a bit of cropping and adding a vignette makes for an interesting flower photo.

Day 164-23

One thought on “2013—Day 164—Fortnight

  1. Carol, this lily with the water drops on it is breathtaking. I’m so glad I’m on your email list & get to see your photos daily. Thank you! I’m looking forward to our first Music Circus next Sat., the 22! It’ll be so good to see you & catch up!!

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