2013—Day 163—Sea Salt Caramel Gelato

I suppose I should be worried that today, Raley’s Supermarket texted me a coupon for $2 off Talenti’s gelato. That means their targeted marketing is dead on! In the past few weeks, I have bought so many pints of Talenti’s Sea Salt Caramel Gelato, with huge chunks of dark chocolate suspended throughout its silky goodness, that it has surpassed everything else I buy there. . .even Zinfandel!. . . and rocketed to the top of the list. I found it quite by accident and tonight, when I got home with my newly acquired pints, having taken no other photos today, I decided to feature it. Yum!

I took a little too long to set up this shot so the gelato has melted a bit more than I wanted but it still looks luscious and, of course, I had no trouble devouring the model once I’d taken all the shots I needed!

Day 163-35

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