2013—Day 131—Geese Crossing

A couple of families of Canada Geese cross Rocklin Road every evening to forage in the grass near Famous Mo’s. Every time they’ve come, I’ve been inside and by the time I get out, they’ve disappeared across the road. This time, when Jesse shouted to me, I already had my camera in hand for another purpose. We ran outside and as I approached, they decided to return across the street to the field. They seem very confident that they will make it across without being run over and they waddle nonchalantly making sure all the goslings are with them. We don’t have the same confidence in our local drivers, despite the fact that there is a prominent Geese Crossing sign a block away so while I stalked behind the geese taking photos, Jesse stopped traffic for them (and me) and herded them across to safety. This is the first time I have seen any of the goslings and they’ve grown quite a bit since I first heard about them.

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