Day 334—The Other Side Of The Windshield

When I got in the car to come home tonight, I thought the ghostly outline of the oak tree across the street made an interesting shot but because it was so dark out and there were raindrops on the windshield, the camera’s autofocus wouldn’t focus on the tree and focused instead on the raindrops on the windshield. I set the lens wide open to let in as much light as possible, perched the camera on the steering wheel to keep it still, and concentrated on the drops rather than the tree. Although the moon is full right now, the moon-like light in this shot is actually a street light that isn’t round at all but the camera turned it into a giant round bokeh. Despite the fact that it will be December in a few days and Xmas decorations are popping up everywhere, this shot is more Halloweeny than Christmassy. In any event, I was happy to discover that the shot meets today’s the Flickr challenge: “on the other side” so I named the blog post appropriately.

Ed. Note (12/6/12) I thought this shot looked familiar. Here’s my post from Feb. 18, 2011; this was taken, as I recall, out my upstairs bathroom window: Almost the same shot

Focal Length 48mm
ISO 100

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