Day 320—The Subject At Hand

Well, the subject at hand is. . . Bobo! I started taking shots of her while my Trader Joe’s two-serving pizza was baking (of course it doesn’t serve two people). I upped the ISO to 1250 and got a couple of good shots. She is very curious about the camera lens and usually comes toward it with cute expressions. I cropped this one, added a vingnette and made a few other “Scott Kelby” adjustments. Today’s subject at hand:

I tried unsuccessfully to change all or parts of her to purple to meet today’s Flickr Challenge, unlike my friend Melinda’s photo today Melinda Three Six Five. My shot is a little grainy which could meet yesterday’s challenge, Grain, but I think I’ll just pass for now.

One thought on “Day 320—The Subject At Hand

  1. Omg I just can’t believe the clarity! Darn D800! And that is just the cutest expression ever! Purple? Try the color thing on the adjustment brush.

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