Day 318—Leaving Las Vegas

We flew home from Las Vegas this afternoon. I had an unforgettablly fabulous trip, but, for the first time in almost two years, I didn’t use my Nikon to take photos everyday. In fact, my posts for the past three days were a struggle because I didn’t have easy access to wifi. And, because I am so used to downloading photos at the end of everyday, I erased all of the photos from the first day we arrived, so I lost shots of the limo ride from the airport and the neon lights on the strip. Since I started posting to this blog in January 2011, I have visited Texas, Seattle, Canada, Switzerland, and Italy and I have always managed to upload blog posts on a daily basis with minimal hassle. Las Vegas was another story. Its tagline, “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” seems to be true in more ways than just a visitor’s behavior. Unless I was willing to pay what I consider exorbitant fees for hotel wifi access, or put up with the inconvenience of downloading photos to the computer at the end of the day and schlepping everything a couple of blocks to the nearest Starbuck’s late in the evening to use the free Starbuck’s wifi, all of the photos that “happened” in Vegas, stayed in Vegas. I chose to use my iPhone to take quick shots and put up with the frustratingly marginal iPhone WordPress app to post. I didn’t take a single photo with my Nikon after Sunday morning until this afternoon when we visited the Bellagio. It felt good to hold the camera again and think about the shots. I thought the glass flowers suspended from the main lobby ceiling in the Bellagio were quite beautiful. However, I’m posting two similar shots because I’m tired and filled with cold medication that is making me a bit dopey and limiting my perspicacity (is that a word?) preventing me from deciding which of these shots I prefer.


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