Day 315-jackpot!

We arrived in Las vegas and were greeted by a limo driver and champagne. I saw the driver standing with a sign saying “Agnew Party” and thought it was interesting that there was another Agnew group.  How dumb am I. After dinner we went into the casino where I won $100 on a $1 slot with a $5 investment. Then played more with their money, increasing my take to $200. Sue and I tried to win more but stopped when we got down to $105, giving me a net win of $100. Doing blog on my iPhone. Not too easy. Photos from phone. Trying to upoad slot pix without success yet. No free wifi in hotel. Going to try to find a Starbucks tomorrow I may not be able to post to my blog until I get back.


[Ed. Note: I finally managed (4 days after the fact) to post the photos from the first night in Vegas.]

2 thoughts on “Day 315-jackpot!

  1. I enjoyed the first version of this post best- thought there might be some martinis involved! It came with 3 photos of Sue and some interesting punctuation and spelling. Too bad about the wifi issue- guess you didn’t bring your mifi. Congrats on the win- I’ve never won that much! Have a fantastic time!- I know you are already. BTW your jackpot photo shows in the slideshow. Don’t worry about the blog- you can catch up when you get back. I know what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, but I am looking forward to the photos. Happy Birthday, Sue!

  2. I am having trouble uploading photos to WordPress from my iPhone. And yes, I forgot my Mifi. Who would have thought that these huge hotels don’t have free, or even reasonable, wifi?

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