Day 308—Soul Men

Michael St. John and Martin (Mott) Reaves of Foxtrot Mary brought the house down tonight with a heart-pounding rendition of Soul Man, and, an hour later, they did the same with Louie Louie. People attending the Senior’s First event at The Ridge Country Club in Auburn tonight were dancing, singing, clapping, and tapping their toes to Foxtrot Mary’s Memphis soul sound. I took some promo shots of the band before the event and managed to capture a few good ones despite feeling a little like I was herding cats when I tried to get eight musicians in front of my lens. It is obvious that I need to learn how to tell people what to do. That just doesn’t come easy for me.

The first shot is one of the band shots that I like but that they probably won’t be using. It’s a little sloppy. Yes, I do need to learn how to pose people. I processed all three shots using a Lightroom preset called cold tone. I didn’t like the natural colors of the photos and black and white just didn’t work. While it probably doesn’t matter a whit, Michael and Mott are singing “Soul Man” in the second shot and “Louie Louie” in the third.

One thought on “Day 308—Soul Men

  1. Very cool band photography!!! I like that you shot them from an angle- very effective! I haven’t ever used that preset- and I like it! I am wondering what color the striped jacket is- red? Sounds like a fun performance too!

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