Day 137—Don’t Stop Believin’

This morning I drove to Auburn to photograph a local blues band, Foxtrot Mary, that was scheduled to play at the start of Stage 3 of the Amgen Tour of California along with another local band, Awesome 80’s Boom Box. About 11 AM, shortly after the race began, Awesome 80’s Boom Box took to the stage. It began to rain, then pour. I spent the next hour trying to keep my camera dry while taking photos. Note to self: remember to bring an umbrella next time AND to get some sort of protective cover for the camera that will keep the camera dry and still allow me to take photos in the rain.

The rain continued unabated and drove most of the crowd from the post race festival by noon. Foxtrot Mary did not perform. I’ve been home for 3 hours and I am still shivering from being wet and cold this morning. I managed to capture a few marginally decent photos, some of the bicycle racers and some of Awesome 80’s Boom Box. My photo of the day is of Blakky Faux of Awesome 80’s Boom Box as he flips his hair while riffing on “Don’t Stop Believin'”. I was more worried about my camera getting wet than I was with proper settings. I should have used Aperture Priority but I kept it in manual mode and used a slow shutter speed and a wide aperture which resulted in an overexposed image; and I did not use my tripod so the photo is not in focus. But I still love this photo.

Focal Length 120mm
ISO 200