Day 134—Cobalt Fish

I love any cobalt blue ceramic thing. The first set of dishes that I bought just out of college was cobalt blue. More recently, the fish plates I bought in Port Aransas, TX this past January and which appeared in this blog under the title “Broken Fish” were cobalt blue. Today’s cobalt blue entry is another fish and I’m happy to report that it is in one piece…so far, anyway. I couldn’t resist coming home with it after my visit to the nursery this afternoon to buy herbs.

I don’t know how appealing it is for a giant fish to be spitting out sage leaves, but that’s what it is and I kind of like it. Because it is cloudy, I set the white balance to cloudy and fiddled with the colors until the blue looked like cobalt blue. I used my tripod so I didn’t have to worry about jiggling and I remembered to turn off the VR setting on the lens (and happily, I have already returned the setting to “on”).

Focal Length 95mm
ISO 200