Day 129—The Antelope 500

Why is it that I always find myself wanting (needing?) to take my photo of the day at high noon? It can’t always be the worst time to take a photo. Today I think I proved to myself that it can be a good time if you have the right subject. I staged The Antelope 500 (first and last ever to be held) on my patio at 12:45PM (11:45 sun time) with three entrants, the Hot Wheels cars that have “mysteriously” found their way into my yard over the past few months. The Woody won. The bright colors of the Hot Wheels were not overexposed in the midday sunlight. The background aggregate of the patio appears to be about that 18% gray color the light meter seeks and I actually paid attention to my light meter and adjusted settings accordingly.

Now that I’ve held the race, the cars will NOT be returned to whom I suspect to be the original owner. Rather I have promised them to a child whom I hope will appreciate them enough to refrain from flinging them into neighboring yards.

200mm focal length
ISO 200