Day 123— Spring Onions

I stopped at Granny May’s strawberry patch this afternoon where they raise and sell delicious strawberries and as it turns out, onions, too. I bought a bunch of spring onions and a flat of strawberries. When I got home I laid the onions on the granite windowsill and when I looked at them there, I thought they would made an interesting photo with the natural side lighting coming from the window and dirt still clinging to the roots.

This also fit into the assignment for my Secrets for Better Photography class. The current lesson is “light.” I did some experimenting today with available light, using incandescent overhead lighting combined with strong side lighting from the window. For white balance, I decided to stay with the Auto setting but adjusted the color to the blue side of the scale (B5M3). I have discovered I don’t have a clue how Auto White Balance works; if it is Auto, why am I allowed to adjust the color? And how does MY color adjustment affect the Auto setting? All of the photos I took of the onions and the flat of strawberries used the same Auto White Balance camera setting with the color adjusted. And yet, the White Balance meta data indicates a different temperature and tint for each of the photos. Obviously this is something I need to discuss in my class when we get to White Balance.

35mm lens
ISO 320