Day 26 — Susan Catches a Redfish

We went fishing today. Susan caught the only fish, a 17 inch redfish which she had to throw back because the smallest keeper is 20 inches. Here, Buddy shows inordinate interest in the fish, hoping to get in a nip before it was returned to the water.

Shortly before this was taken, we had a brief crisis while Chris was distracted while he baited my hook (ewww, slimy bait shrimp; I’m not touching that!). Buddy snatched Chris’ unattended baited hook. The hook imbedded itself in the back of Buddy’s tongue and while I held Buddy’s top jaw, Susan held his lower jaw so Chris could extract the hook with a pair of pliers. We were lucky that the hook stuck in Buddy’s tongue and not in his throat. Buddy soon forgot the crisis and returned to trying to get our bait.

This photo was taken following the Sunny f/16 rule; if the bill of Susan’s cap hadn’t shaded her eyes, I think the photo would have been correctly exposed.

Lens 24mm
ISO 200

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