Day 25 — Later: Great Blue Heron

This afternoon we visited Paradise Pond which is a secluded pond in the middle of town. It is filled with night herons, turtles and a few great blue herons, starting their mating ritual and building and refurbishing last year’s nests. This heron was selecting a choice stick to use in his nest. He plucked a stick from the water and flew to his nest shortly after I took this shot.

200mm lens
ISO 640
SOOC (cropped slightly)

Day 25 — Sanderlings

My favorite shorebirds are the adorable, spunky sanderlings who run around the edges of the surf chasing their supper. They always appear to be animated and almost cartoon-like.

I started with the Sunny f/16 rule but changed the shutterspeed to stop some wave action and forgot to return it to 1/200. This photo would have been a bit brighter had I done so.

200 mm lens
ISO 200