Day 4 — Whole Foods

I went shopping at Whole Foods this afternoon. I turned around after selecting my shopping cart and saw this display of winter squash reflecting the red from the window above; I knew that had to be my photo of the day. I even went to Whole Foods to buy an acorn squash!

18-200 mm lens at 36mm
ISO 200
Aperture Tweak: exposure: + 0.47

I took several photos of just the acorn squash swathed in red but when I looked in the monitor, the colors looked faded and orangey, not the brilliant red I was seeing from the window. I kept adjusting my aperture and shutter speed, not knowing how to photograph the reflection accurately. I was disappointed in the results. I went into the store and shopped for about 30 minutes. When I came out, the sun had shifted slightly and this beautiful reflection of the red-glassed window was on the floor so I took a couple more shots, with better success. In Aperture, I increased the exposure by + 0.47 to highlight the squash slightly but still keep the dramatic dark area surrounding the window and its reflection. This is a fairly accurate depiction of the colors without my having to adjust the color.

I also discovered after I downloaded the photos to my computer, that the red in many of the photos I took of the squash, that appeared orangey when I viewed the monitor in the reflected red light, were very close to the actual red. I guess the reflected red light made the photos viewed on the monitor appear orangey. When I changed my settings to compensate for what I thought was incorrect exposure, I lost the red completely. This is obviously something I need to learn more about.