Day 3 — Hummer

I wandered in the yard a while ago trying to make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear (or to find something photo-worthy amidst the dead plants, mud and weeds there). I decided to focus on the hummingbird feeder just in case. I’d just refilled the feeder after letting it stay empty for a few days and just before I stepped out, a hummer hovered in front of the window, as if to say, “thanks.” While I stood inches from the feeder, I became aware of that familiar hummmmmm and there he was, in my lens. Trying to use autofocus on a fast moving target is not an easy feat and I’m not sure this is really in focus but I was blown away when I saw this photo on my monitor and I knew it was my photo for the day! And there’s a bokeh effect to boot! Life is good.

18-200 lens at 200mm
ISO 1250

No tweaking in Aperture at all.

I was so excited to post this that I realize it does need some tweaking. Here is version 2 with exposure +1 and a slight tweak in “curves.”


3 thoughts on “Day 3 — Hummer

    1. Thank you, Melinda. I was really blown away that I got this shot. I ran inside to download it as soon as I saw the image in the monitor. I cropped the other two hummingbird pix. Now I’m going to crop this one, too.

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