2023—One Hundred Eighty Degrees

Sometimes we’re so fixated on the iconic Yellowstone vistas that other stunning views go unnoticed. Artist’s Point, for example, is the very place where Thomas Moran painted the falls in the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone, a painting that, along with his many sketches and watercolors, was instrumental in convincing Congress to establish Yellowstone as our first National Park in 1872. I most often visit Artist’s Point in January when the upper lookout is closed. When we stopped there last week, it was open and I climbed up to see the stunning view of the falls from a higher vantage point. But, when I turned around 180 degrees, I could see a sliver of the Yellowstone River continuing on its journey through the colorful canyon. That view is not visible from the lower vista point. I was struck by the pastel colors and the dramatic textures of the canyon walls. The twisted trunk of a pine tree also added an eye-catching feature to the view, one that I don’t often see. I’ll have to remember to turn around 180 degrees more often.

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