2023—Still Adorable

It was about 6:30 PM as we motored up the Uganik River on our last day of shooting. The light was dimming but the bears were still fishing for salmon or wandering the water’s edges looking for discards. One of the three cubs we’ve seen every day and that we met last May, walked out of the tall grasses onto a gravel bar on the shore just as we passed by. The cub is maturing but still has that adorable cub look. It strode toward us, curiosity getting the better of it. This family of bears seemed to recognize us and understand that we were not a threat. On more than one occasion, one of the cubs (we think it was the male who tended to lag behind Mom and his sisters and got more than a few scoldings from Mom) approached us. I like to think the cub was giving us a final farewell. We were just 40 feet or so away as it walked directly toward our boat. Too quickly we were past and the cub disappeared from view as we rounded the bend.

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