2023—Larger Than Life

Black-chinned Hummingbirds are small hummingbirds and their visits to feeders at Madera Canyon, AZ this past July were brief. As soon as someone spotted a male Black-chinned hummer, it was called out but it seemed to me that whenever one was around, it was visiting a feeder far from me. It was rare that I saw one close enough to have a decent size image, even when set to DX mode which effectively crops the image in camera. The day before we flew home, a male Black-chinned Hummingbird visited the feeders and I was ready. I had set my camera to DX mode knowing he would be far away and he was. Suddenly, however, he appeared directly in front of me, completely filling the frame. I didn’t have time to change back to FX mode. I took just a handful of images and he was gone. I was lucky. I love seeing this tiny bird so big in the image, larger than life.