2023—Banana for Breakfast

Bobo never ceases to amaze me. Her recent health problems, which remain a mystery even to the UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine, seem to come and go. At the moment, she is currently acting like her old self, eating and engaged in the world around her. Yesterday morning she came down the ladder to the counter where I was fixing her food. In the 20 plus years I’ve had her, this is the first time she has done that. She normally watches from the top of her cage or from inside her cage. Her appetite seems to have returned, at least for now. She beaked through the small dish with fruits and veggies and selected a banana slice, which, when she’s eating, is one of her favorite foods. I had to document this event so I grabbed my camera from the kitchen table already set up with the 400mm lens and the 1.4X teleconverter for Hummingbirds. I had to back away about 8 feet to keep her in focus and by this time, she had climbed back up the ladder with her prize and was stepping onto the top of the cage where she devoured her banana for breakfast.

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