2023—Introducing Sadie

Sadie the Golden Retriever came to visit this weekend. She’s 9 months old, full of energy, and single-minded. Retrieving the ball was her primary interest (after harassing Bobo the parrot who stood her ground). With the patio door ajar and my brother, sister-in-law and me sitting around the table catching up, Sadie would drop the ball at the foot of whomever had last tossed it, then she would immediately take up her position on the other side of the pot of California Fuchsia, waiting expectantly for the ball to appear in the air above her. Sometimes she had an extended wait as we had lots of catching up to do. I was impressed with her patience, though. Sometimes instead of peering over the California Fuchsia, as in this shot, she laid down next to the pot staring intently at us through the open patio door.

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