2023—Male Rufous

A male Rufous Hummingbird waits his turn before flying up to the feeders. The backgrounds were constantly changing as the sun moved and clouds filled the sky. We also rotated our shooting positions twice a day so the backgrounds were different at each position. This year at Madera Canyon, the rains have eased the drought just a bit and the trees were much greener than during our last visit there a couple of years ago. But all was not green. There were large oak trees and their brown bark sometimes created dark backgrounds as seen on the right of this image. Where a huge branch had broken away from a tree, a large light patch reflected light and sometimes created distractions. I was lucky in this shot because the sun was behind a cloud so the reflection behind the hummer was not distractingly bright. There were times that I didn’t shoot in a particular direction because of the distracting highlights in the background.