2023—Do I Pull the Z9 in too Tightly? 🤪

Do I pull the Nikon Z9 in too tightly against my eye? Or maybe, you should see the other guy! Actually it’s neither. In the continuing saga of my aging eyes, I had surgery on Tuesday to lift up my drooping left eyelid. I was warned that I would have a black eye. It’s actually a red eye. I have no pain and the good news is that, as you can see, after 25 years of droop, I finally have a catch light in my left eye again! And that is important because when I had cataract surgery on my left eye a year ago, the vision in that eye was corrected to 20/20 (it had been 20/400) but the droopy eyelid prevented me from fully appreciating that new vision because the eyelid covered half of the pupil. This is a selfie taken with my Z9 and my Nikkor 105mm macro. The doctor told me I couldn’t put a camera up to my eye for a week and I couldn’t take a selfie that way anyway so I used Nikon’s Snapbridge app to take the photo using my iPhone to control focus and shutter release. Sweet! And, thank you to my good friend, Moose Peterson, for suggesting the title for this post.