2023—Welcome to Bobo’s World

Welcome to Bobo’s world (or not as the pinning eyeball in the second image indicates that she may not welcome you). Bobo is always my go-to test subject so when I got my Nikon Z9 and Nikkor Z14-24 back from NikonUSA after being cleaned, and they said to be sure to test my equipment, I took a few shots of Bobo. She is always curious when I shove a lens in her face. She came to the front of her cage (with security pepper in beak, of course) but almost immediately began to pin her eyes which means she is either excited, interested, angry, or afraid. Any of those emotions can trigger aggressive behavior and biting so it’s always good when she has a pepper in her beak. She would have to drop that first which can delay the bite for a millisecond. She was actually intrigued more than anything and she didn’t act aggressively at all which was good because I was literally just inches from her face. I don’t think I have ever used the Z14-24mm lens for a closeup but at 24mm and with the minimum focusing distance of under 12 inches, it worked out perfectly. I can’t praise NikonUSA enough for the quick turnaround on my equipment. I sent them on Friday, they got them the following Monday and I had them both back by Friday. Very impressive.