2023—Wing Stretch

A subadult Rufous Hummingbird stretches his wings as he watched the activity at the feeders at Madera Canyon a couple of weeks ago. This particular perch, behind a huge oak and deep in the shrubs, was popular with many of the hummers. Sometimes it had a little light on it so the birds weren’t in deep shadow so when I saw him perched there and stretching, I turned my camera in his direction. A millisecond later, he took off and returned to the feeding frenzy. The hum of the Rufous Hummingbirds, one of the smaller hummingbirds we saw at Madera Canyon, was every bit as loud and possibly even louder than the largest one we photographed, the Rivoli’s, almost twice the size of this one. The loud buzz of the Rufous always got my attention so I knew when he was in the area and could focus my lens on him.