2023—Studious and Goofy

Standing upright like a Penguin, the Common Murre is a crow-sized seabird that nests on the cliffs around Cape St. Mary’s in Newfoundland in spring. Occasionally, one or more of the Murres would fly to a rocky outcropping near us. While most of the Common Murres we saw had solid brown heads, a few are not quite as common as their brethren. Between 10 and 25 percent of Common Murres are “bridled” with a white stripe and white eye ring by each eye. The “bridle” makes them look either studious or completely goofy depending on which direction the bird looked. I was glad I got to see both variants of these relatives of Auks, Razorbills, and Puffins for the first time on the point at Cape St. Mary’s.

One thought on “2023—Studious and Goofy

  1. Carol,

    Beautiful shot. I love the way that the soft backgrounds compliments the colors of the birds. As usual, well done

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