2023—More Nest Building

A Black-footed Kittiwake, its beak filled with grasses just torn from a nearby hillside, soars above Northern Gannets nesting on Bird Rock at Cape St. Mary’s in Newfoundland. The Kittiwakes nested on the edges of the surrounding cliffs, down from the Gannets. They gathered nesting materials from certain areas of the hillside in what seemed to be a choreographed strike. They arrived on a hillside, en masse, descending on the grasses, moving up the slope as the availability of nesting material grew sparser lower down. As they plucked the grasses, they would fly off and suddenly the slope would be empty again, devoid of birds. Minutes later, they would descend on another, greener slope and start plucking grasses again, ferrying them to their nest sites. There was a constant stream of Kittiwakes flying to one hillside or another and back again to their nests.

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