2023—The Sound of Fog

In Newfoundland, Canada last week, fog dominated the weather. Cape Spear Lighthouse sets on the eastern-most point of land in North America. The Cape Spear Lighthouse was built in 1836 as the chief approach light for St. John’s Harbor. The original lighthouse has been restored but its function was replaced by the concrete tower in this image, built in 1955. The “new” tower uses the light mechanism that was installed in the original lighthouse in 1912. The foghorns in the many lighthouses on the coast, including St. Bride’s where we stayed, and Cape St. Mary’s where we photographed Northern Gannets, came on automatically when the fog became dense. The blare of the horns is a critical warning for mariners about the rocky coastline. The foghorns, intermingled with the calls of the birds on Bird Rock, created a memorable symphony of sound for Cape St.Mary’s.

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